Here is a selection of roof construction technical advice and product information on trussed rafters and metal web joists published by the Trussed Rafter Association (TRA).

Trussed Rafters

Correct installation of trusses and joists is crucial for the success of your project. Below are attached roof truss installation guides published by the Trussed Rafter Association (TRA) and highly recommend that the relevant guide is read prior to installation. Delivery and installation [dg columns=”2″ attachment_pg=”false” descriptions=”true” paginate=”false” ids=”383,384″]   Design and specification [dg columns=”2″ attachment_pg=”false” descriptions=”true” paginate=”false” ids=”388,389,390,391,392″]   …

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Metal Web Joists

Metal web joists, are still relatively new to the Irish markets. Utilising the combined strength properties of timber and steel to produce an extremely strong and very light weight engineered solution for floor joists. See below downloadable documentation for further detail on metal web joists. [dg columns=”1″ attachment_pg=”false” paginate=”false” ids=”404″]

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Spandrel and Gable Panels

Technical guidance on spandrel panels and gable wall panels published by the Trussed Rafter Association (TRA). See attached downloadable documentation on how to build compliant spandrel panels & guidance on building and installing spandrel panels for party walls above masonry [dg attachment_pg=”false” paginate=”false” ids=”407″]

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Health and Safety

Attached video and documentation contain technical guidance on safety when using trussed rafters and metal web joists. Also included in the documentation is a risk assessment for single blade cross cut saws (Generic Risk Assessment RA 7B Single Blade Cross Cut Saws) Downloadable documents [dg attachment_pg=”false” paginate=”false” ids=”414, 776″]

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