2-Storey Timber Frame Office Structure

This project involved the design of a 2-storey timber frame office building. The building is 48 metres in length and 24 metres wide. CRTC conceived and designed the timber structure, manufactured the structural elements, and project-managed the construction of the primary frame. A key design consideration was the client requirement for a fully demountable structure after any time period.

The structure is a braced frame, consisting of glulam timber beam and column elements. The floor and roof structures consist of Spacejoist cassettes, while both structural and non-structural timber frame wall panels are utilised to complete the building envelope. All glulam elements had their connection-joint boltholes predrilled prior to delivery, allowing swift erection of the primary frame on-site. The 6m x 2.4m floor cassettes were then craned in sequentially, bracing the frame, and providing an immediate working platform. A total of 240 prefabricated Spacejoist cassettes were installed throughout, minimizing on-site labour and greatly reducing the timeline of construction phase.

3d Images and Design