Hog’s Head Club House

This project involved creating a roof truss system to conform to the architect’s vision of roof-surface-curvature, while providing expansive habitable floor space within the roof confines. This was achieved with reinforced attic-profile primary trusses, spanning over 12 metres and standing over 5 metres in height. With this design, support is required solely from the perimeter walls of the building, and steel is not required anywhere in the roof.

This self-supporting system is particularly evident in the semi-conical southern end. Two 4-ply girder-trusses formed the initial frame, and a unique system of mono-pitch trusses was then utilised to produce the desired roof surface geometry. The result was an elegant sweeping roof surface, lucid with its natural surroundings, and providing unique building aesthetics to the location.

Site Photos

Note the series of 3D images highlighting innovative completely self-supporting semiconical southern end by CRTC

3d Images and Design


Watch some excellent drone footage to get an overview of the size and complexity of the project